ONecklace: Amazing Jewelry Customized

Personalized jewelry through ONecklace:

If you want some fantastic jewelry, then this is the place you want to be.

I am a firm believer of personalized gifts, and this site takes and personalizes jewelry for you and your loved ones.

A necklace with your children’s names, grandchildren’s names, or special partners name, on it, something that all day hangs close to your heart.

You can be deep into work and reach to your heart and feel your loved ones names engraved dangling there.

Bringing you a happy, loving feeling, even while stressed with work.

Maybe you prefer a bracelet, so you can look and see your loved ones names, wrapped around your wrist.

Whatever your preference, you will find wonderful personalized gifts here.




From Religious to Plain Stunning.

Therefore, the selection is sure to make anyone’s heart realize they are loved.

Show your love through a heart felt token of appreciation.

These are made and sent to you with care, designed to impress and to be cherished for a long time to come.

Mother/Daughter Sets

There is nothing greater then showing your daughter how much you care, then with personalized mother/daughter sets.

Something she can wear around her neck to show off how proud she is to call you Mom and vice-versa.

Just a special way to tell her you love her and she is always close to your heart, no matter where she is. Click HereONecklace


Grandmother Sets

Not only will these sets please your children, but they will also delight your grandchildren.

You love your children and grandchildren and what better to show that.

Then through a beautiful necklace, held close to your heart always.

Your grandchildren will love to play with your jewelry, while wrapped in your loving arms. See Them HereONecklace

Friendship Necklaces

Don’t forget that special friend, you can now get the friendship heart necklaces personalized.

You can also get the necklace with the initials of your loved ones.

Make those friendships mean something, let your love shine through with your gift of jewelry.

 Click Here ONecklaceONecklace


Perfect Graduation gift for the one you love going off to college or off to the work field!

You will find the perfect gift to buy for high school graduation.

What can you get that special Grad to let them know you value their dedication, sacrifice and hard work.

Therefore, give them something to take with them on their next adventure in life.

Something that lets them know that they will always be dear to your heart.

That no matter how big she has gotten, she will always be your baby girl.

Without any embarrassment she will hold it dear. LOOK HEREONecklace

There is also a large variety of bracelets, that yes can also be personalized:ONecklace

Not to mention the Rings that you can get: ONecklace

They have something for all your loved ones

The personalized gifts you can get here at ONecklace are such heartfelt tokens, that they are sure to bring your loved ones to tears.

They will have no doubt whatsoever that you love them and put a lot of thought into their presents.

It is sure to tighten your bond and bring you closer then ever. CLICK HERE NOW!

ONecklace even carrys fingerprint jewelry, to match the fingerprints your loved ones have left on your heart:

ONecklaceONecklace,Your place for necklaces, chokers, rings, bracelets and earrings, you can have it all personalized.

Which is sure to delight your loved ones.

While lighting their faces up with smiles, their hearts will be filled with joy.

 Find the full selection here!


If you are into something a little more sinister, you can also check out their evil eye collection.

tEvil Eye History – CLICK HERE to read the background on the Evil Eye.  Want to know where it stems from… want to know why it is worn by Celebrities and Famous People all around the Globe.

They have been worn in public by celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and Rhianna.

But perhaps the most popular example was Lindsay Lohan when she was photographed wearing evil eye jewelry when in court.

Which may have added a sense of her plea for support during the troubling times.

She was just trying to ward of bad things that may be heading her way, right?