Inspirational Game and Books

An Inspirational Game that will bring your family closer to Christ!

And bring you closer to each other?

An Inspirational Game brings you the following: 

Inspirationl GameAn Inspirational Game is here through Visions Alpha – client download

Visions is a Christian MMORPG set in ancient Rome around 100 AD.

Players experience the game as a Roman citizen in a quest and skill based gameplay.

Visions is not done yet.

This is a rare opportunity in the gaming world where we are offering financial contributors access to our Alpha test server.

Log in and see what we’re working on!

Come join us for our weekly GM events in game.

Visions will currently only run on a Windows PC with a high end video card (2gb or better) and a minimum of 4 GB on board RAM.

Visions is an online game.

An active high speed internet connection is required to play.

In Conclusion, a contribution* of just $30 will get you access to the Visions Alpha test server client!


Do you want a good board game that you can play with your family?

With computer gaming on the rise.

Its hard to find a good board game, that your whole family will enjoy, but here it is!

Not only will you enjoy this game.

But, you will also be learning about Christ in the process.

However, that is an optional feature, you can still play without the verses, your choice! Cant beat it!

An Inspirational Game like: “Treasures in Heaven:”

A cooperative board game about the fruits of the spirit for 2 to 9 players.

It is helpful if players can read.

But color coded cards make it possible for younger players to join the fun with the adults!

Players work together to gather all the fruits of the spirit before the rains come and spoil the harvest.

Inspirational Game

Actual game being played at a game night!

This game won an award at the 2010 CGDC annual game design competition.

The rule was it had to use a chromatic scale of colors.

Christian content is a bonus.

Treasures in Heaven does both!

What I did was match up the 9 fruits of the spirit to 9 different fruits in a rainbow of colors.

After some play testing, the game is now ready for people to play!

Enjoy! All you need is a pair of scissors and dice! GET IT NOW


I am not sure this is an inspirational game series.

Maybe its just a fun, new fantasy language to learn.

However its a must have if you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings.

So if you are, you can now learn the Elvish Languages.

“Elvish languages are constructed languages used by Elves in a fantasy setting.

Author J. R. R. Tolkien created many languages for his Elves.

Which eventuated in the creation of a mythology (expounded in his books), complete with races, to speak the languages he had constructed.

His interest was primarily philological, and he said his stories grew out of his languages.”

Inspirational GameDo You Speak Elvish?

This is a small app for the PC to teach the user Quenya.

This includes lessons 1-10.

I am making these lessons to teach my own children Elvish.

I am making the app. available here so you can learn also.

These lessons use an immersion method which, is excellent for teaching children and adults alike.

Hence, the student begins speaking the language from the very first day.

It is a very fun and exciting way to learn a language.

Sound is included for pronunciation with each “card” in the lesson.

Some Sindarin words are substituted when a Quenya word is not available.

Get it now! Name your own price!

Inspirational game

Here is an inspirational game.

I think is real beneficial to have.

You learn about God through these cards, very incentive!


Messiah is a family friendly card game with a blend of skill and luck and a surprise ending.

A game can last 15 to 45 minutes.

Messiah cards include scripture from the King James Version of the Bible. 

While, blank spaces where words have been left out its so the player can recite from memory to win a bonus card.

Messiah is a card game for 2 to 10 players who are old enough to read (about age 8 and up).

Messiah is suitable for parties, game nights, fellowship gatherings, or just hanging out with friends and family.

This card game was designed by Laurene Wells in 2004.

Laurene is owner of Heaven’s Blessings Tiny Zoo.

Especially relevant a Christian game development company currently staffed entirely by volunteers.  GET IT HERE!


Here is an inspirational game that brings out the fun in racing, you get to explore cities and compete against friends.

Chariots is a racing game for the PC set on the island of Cyprus in the ancient Roman empire.

In the racing game Chariots you can:

* Explore 13 Ancient cities on the Island of Cyprus

* Race in Foot races, Horse races, and of course Chariot races

* Experience a variety of races: cross-country marathons, labyrinths, and legendary hippodromes

* And so much more…


They also offer books:

  • Breaking the Chains
  • Ancient Roman Eats (Cookbook)
  • Blood Pancakes
  • The Emerald Assemblage
  • Grak and Other Short Stories
  • The Dragon Family and Other Random Stories
  • Coloring Book 2014
  • The Messengers Of Yesh



“Christian games help make the world a better place.

People learn through play, children especially learn through play.

In our modern age computer games exceed movie theaters in entertainment.

A tremendous number of games however focus on violence, destruction, and immorality, which then over time these values are transferred to the population.

Christian games offer a wholesome, clean, fun alternative to what the rest of the world offers.

In our MMORPG Visions players not only have a safe option, hence, the game also teaches real world concepts about life skills.

The cooking recipes in the game are based on real recipes in life that can be created in the kitchen.

Players can learn useful and tangible things while playing the game.

This is something that very few other games offer, and no MMORPGs that we have ever encountered offer anything like this on the scale we are implementing these concepts.

Please help us bring this game to the world!

We have created a Patreon page for our Visions players and fans to support our work and help advance our progress.”

This was written by the founder Laurene Wells GO HERE

“So if you need an inspirational game for your family, then this is the place to get it! However I am a firm believer of Christ and I encourage you to make sure you cross reference everything to the Bible to ensure that what you are learning and teaching are indeed Biblical and not just written by man. As now a days, you never know! God bless you all and I hope you enjoy!” September Reynolds 5/15/2017