I think it is very important having the basic skills needed, to grow your own food. On this page I am going to be adding helpful tools on doing just that. From farm critter habitats to greenhouse plans. Hopefully this will not only help with your farming and produce, but with your kids 4-h projects.

FarmingChicken Coops: Housing your critters properly is a very important part of your farm. Here is a great place to get the complete rundown on safe chicken coops. There are blueprints, supply lists, even a book on different chicken breeds here. Chickens are very important for food and bug control, so you must make sure they are housed properly, away from predators that will make off with them. GET STARTED HERE!

Boer Goats for Profit: This is a site that will give you the complete run-down Farmingon Boer Goats. Boer goats are in high demand for their meat and by doing it right, you can get a good profitable margin on these goats alone. They are also fantastic for your children’s 4-H projects, as they are the most docile of the goat family. LEARN HOW TO TURN A PROFIT WITH THESE GOATS HERE!