Emulin, Helps your Body Absorb Sugar and Carbs!

Emulin is a natural product brought to you in pill form, for easier consumption. There are two forms of it. Both products will enhance your bodies ability to absorb sugars.


Its all natural vegan formula; contains a patented formula.

Consisting of grape skin, onion skin, & green coffee bean.

Designed for people that are relatively healthy with minimal to mild inflammation.

That are in need of assistance with the distribution of sugars & carbs.

Those you are already consuming on a healthy diet.

emulinEMULIN+™ C is for CONTROL

This formula still consists of the same 3 natural ingredients.

But in a stronger formulation created specifically for diabetics.

And, people that consume a lot of refined sugars & carbs.

Also, for those that suffer severe inflammation.

Which results are chronic pain, diabetes, MS, fibromyalgia, obesity, lethargy.

Difference between Emulin and Anti-Obesity Products:

Anti-obesity supplements “Fen-Phen”, has been linked to heart problems.

And “Synephrine”, is linked to an increase of heart disease and stroke.

With anti-obesity products:

“You’re forcing the body into overdrive.

And that can cause heart attacks,” Ahrens said.

“We’re not forcing anything on the body.

It works with the body’s natural mechanism to manage sugar.”

Emulin does not have these same risks.

And is actually quite consequently, healthier.

Especially relevant it does not increase metabolism.

While these anti-obesity supplements do.

Because of this it does not force the body into an unnatural state.

In addition, not causing other problems.

Scientists believe that by adding Emulin into sugary products, probably it would be admitting to the world that sugar causes diabetes.

What exactly is Emulin?

Part of a functional food, added to sugary or carbo-hydrate-rich foods.

And, is well suited to support the body’s fight against diabetes.

While managing weight and sports energy management.

Same as reducing chronic inflammation.

And, or for any person choosing a healthy lifestyle.

This is very much like the discovery of a new vitamin.

This is essential for normal healthy carbohydrate metabolism.

It is not an unnatural diet “add-on”.

But, instead is meant by nature to be a part of a normal, healthy diet.

Through the carbohydrate refining process.

It seems, the components have been left out of modern diets.

Thus contributing to diabetes, obesity, and inflammatory-induced disease epidemics.

We envision Emulin® being universally added to foods and beverages.

Much as folate is added to bread to prevent birth defects.

Or taken as a supplement as part of a functional food, to return people to good health.

How Emulin Works:

It works by binding to and up-regulating or down-regulating enzymes.

Due to this it is needed at critical control points associated with carbohydrate metabolism.

Because, without it the body recognizes carbohydrates as a poison.

Which results in constant chronic low-grade inflammation.

Consequently, in many individuals leads to several inflammatory-linked.

Most of all diabetes, arthritis, psoriasis, asthma, et al.

In addition, the components work to inhibit an over-reactive inflammatory system.

It down-regulates a critical key enzyme responsible for the inflammatory cascade.

Thus it not only corrects the problem at source.

It also manages the downstream effects.

Side Effects:

There are no known side effects from taking this product.

It is a natural supplement and only kicks your natural body chemistry back into gear.

Furthermore, like with any over the counter products you start taking.

Most of all, you should first consult your Dr.

In Conclusion:

While, each and everyone of us wants to live a healthy lifestyle, sometimes we need a boost. There are a lot of unhealthy foods out there. Furthermore, busy lifestyles almost always, keeps us from perfect eating habits. Most note worthy of all, is the fact that emulin takes care of our bodies, which is especially relevant, while we eat on the go. Because it reminds our bodies what its response should be when eating carbs and sugar. So if you want a healthier body. You should try it out. See which one will work best for your body. I think it is well worth it! I think you will really benefit from it, even if you have no health concerns.


I have put together a page about the founders of Emulin and some facts about the product which you can: SEE HERE!


Welcome to a Better You!  iGalen Support is here to allow you to benefit the most from this life changing product.

You will soon have your iGalen Emulin Plus M or Plus C.  We will contact you should there be any issues and to touch base with you for your proper use of this Life Changing product.

You will want to drink plenty of water throughout the day, and you will want to take 1 capsule 15 minutes before each meal (preferably with 3 meals a day).

Once you start taking your Emulin+, you should notice the following (awesome) side-effects:

  • emulinYou will see that your ability to Over Eat will be painful.  Your body will begin telling you to stop eating.  This is natural (and the way it should be).
  • As a benefit, you will feel full naturally.
  • You will notice that you feel good, and not overly tired or fatigued after eating
  • When you continue taking your Emulin Plus M or Plus C with each meal, you will notice that your stored fat will be consumed better by your body for energy.  This has further side-effects

Use of the product is easy, follow the guidance and follow the directions as indicated on the bottle.