Chicken Coops and How to Build Them!

Chicken coops are an essential part of a working farm. Rather you are housing them for food or your child’s 4-H project, here is a guide on how to build your chicken coops.

Chicken Coops and how to build them!

You must already know the importance of chickens! chicken coops


Here you can get different coop plans to house them!

Chickens are an important food source.

Chickens also are good at insect control.

So you want to house them securely.


Cage Free Birds!

That right there is the funniest thing I have ever heard.chicken coops

Unless they specify wire cage free birds.

No Chicken owner has a cage free bird.

Or they wouldn’t have chickens.

A barn is a cage, a coop is a cage, housing for a critter is a cage. 


Free Ranging Chickens!

I have always allowed my chickens to free range.chicken coops

It helps with the cost of feed.

It helps with bugs!

Even works as a pretty good fertilizer.

However, my critters always are in their coop at night.

Importance of Proper Housing!

I like my chickens, so I know the importance of housing! If they aren’t in at night, chances are

chicken coops

they wont be there come morning. No matter where you live, skunks, raccoons, foxes etc. etc. will find your chickens and either take the whole bird, or you don’t want to know the havoc a skunk does. So you need to properly house them. Here you will get the plans for a variety of different coops and styles.

So if you want to keep your chickens around for your family to benefit, then you really will like this book.


chicken coopsNot only will you get the Building Chicken Coops Guide, but also:

Raising and Caring for Chickens.

Chicken Diseases Guide.

Chicken Coop Materials.

Tools for Building Chicken Coop

And Chicken Breeds- A Complete List & Pictures.

This is an AMAZING deal.